[Romantic Diary] Chapter 11 Solutions

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Chapter 10 (Gloria Palace)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 12 (xxx)

Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 1. Yusetta’s Studio
Gentle Blouse & Skirt: Gentle&Quiet (Note: Dresses work.)
Score: 83460^*  – Gentle&Quiet 5+*
Hair: Perilla Yoshino Sakura
Dress: Perilla Dream Sakura
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Perilla Japanese Style
Socks: Perilla Asakusa
Shoes: Perilla Edo
Bag: Perilla Bamboo
Headwear: Perilla Locust Tree
Earring: Green Bud
Necklace: Perilla Platycodon
Face: Green Mirror
Bracelet: Garden Maiden Sweet (Alt: Emerald Pearl)
Ring: Blue Vow (Alt: Colorful Ring)
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: Hera Love Light


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 3. In-patient Department
Leisure Warm Dress: Casual, Simple
Score: 54877^  – Casual 5*, Simple 5+*
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Summer Notebook
Bottom: Torn Denim Shorts
Coat: Chiffon Jersey
Socks: Meow
Shoes: Grey
Bag: –
Headwear: Flower&Butterfly
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: Silver Bracelet
Ring: –
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: –
Others: –


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 8. Dream Pavilion
Formal Wear: Mature
Score: 86730^*  – Mature 5+*
Hair: Garden Maiden Shine (Alt: Major General Splendor)
Dress: –
Top: Major General Feat
Bottom: Major General Command
Coat: Office New Youth (*) (Alt: Major General Power)
Socks: Garden Maiden Dream (Alt: Devil Lady Dark Star, Maria Forgiveness)
Shoes: Major General Justice
Bag: Garden Maiden Guard (Alt: Nail Suitcase, Maria Praise)
Headwear: Major General Glory
Earring: Hibiscus Aroma (Alt: Blue Nocturne Chain)
Necklace: Blue Nocturne Diamond (Alt: Maria Prayer)
Face: Maria Boon
Bracelet: Garden Maiden Sweet (Alt: Maria Chastity)
Ring: Blue Vow
Waist: Major General Discipline
Effects: Saint Lily Emerald
Others: Hera Love Light


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 11. Orchid Lake
As the first
Psychic Wear: Vintage
Score: 74923^*  – Vintage 5+*
Hair: 8-Pedal Sakura
Dress: Fallen Snow
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Crane Feather
Socks: Grass Mute (Alt: Pink Clog Socks)
Shoes: Lunar Month Sink (Alt: Persephone Kiss)
Bag: Bead Fan (Alt: Flower Fan)
Headwear: Priestess Soul  (✪ – Psychic)
Earring: Phoenix Wood Fringe (Alt: Pearl Earbobs)
Necklace: Priestess Spirit  (✪ – Psychic)
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Tassel Jade
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: Cone Sachet (Alt: White Feather Arrow)


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 18. Buildings on Mountain
Key Item
Gardener Style: Casual, Simple
Score: 47885^  – Casual 5+*, Simple 4*
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Garden Floristry Early Summer (✪)
Bottom: Garden Floristry Dream (✪)
Coat: Sweetheart Breeze (Alt: Chiffon Jersey)
Socks: Pitch Ramos (Alt: Bunny Knee Socks)
Shoes: Garden Floristry Moist (✪)
Bag: Garden Floristry Rain (✪)
Headwear: Strawberry Essence (Alt: Garden Floristry Blue Sky)
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Ring: –
Waist: Meow Garden Curious
Effects: –
Others: Sweetheart Sun


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 19. Plateau
Ladylike Costume: Pretty
Score: 65550^  – Pretty 5+*
Hair: Night Blue Witch (✪)
Dress: Idolum Crystal (✪)
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Rainbow Bubble Gauze
Socks: Aries Dream
Shoes: Sakura Rain
Bag: Autumn Moon Seek
Headwear: Star Warlock (✪)
Earring: Autumn Moon Meteor
Necklace: Rainbow Bubble Dream
Face: Meow Garden Caprice
Bracelet: Dream Flower Appeal
Ring: –
Waist: Meow Garden Curious
Effects: Squirrel Deciduous Forest
Others: Autumn Maple Harvest


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 20. Rosefinch Barriers
Profound Sadness
Cute Modern Dress: Pretty, Pure 
Score: 79719^  – Pretty 5+*, Pure 5*
Hair: Autumn Maple Gingko (Alt: Dancing Butterfly)
Dress: Candy Rain
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Autumn Maple Dew
Socks: Autumn Maple Frost (Alt: Singer Right and Wrong)
Shoes: Sakura Rain (Alt: Singer Joy)
Bag: Autumn Maple Pick (Alt: Flower Rain Butterfly)
Headwear: Singer Design
Earring: Sunshine Ear Stud
Necklace: Rainbow Bubble Dream
Face: Meow Garden Caprice
Bracelet: Rainbow Bubble Pure (Alt: Bear Bracelet)
Ring: Emerald Ring
Waist: –
Effects: Squirrel’s Deciduous Forest
Others: Autumn Maple Harvest


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 22. Kibi House
Fallen Fetter
Elegant Hanfu: Vintage, Gorgeous
Score: 55635^  – Vintage 5+*, Gorgeous 5*
Hair: Iris Fairy Waves
Dress: Iris Fairy Seduction (✪ – Hanfu)
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Snowland
Socks: Night Walk Phantom
Shoes: Iris Fairy Rain (✪ – Hanfu)
Bag: Royal Guard Protection (Alt: Bead Fan, Prayer Wheel)
Headwear: Iris Fairy Fragrant (✪ – Hanfu)
Earring: Phoenix Wood Fringe
Necklace: Hermes’ Joy
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Colorful Weave
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: –


Chapter 11 (Sakura Island) – Stage 24. Kozaki Road
Need Help
Modest Trouser: Simple
Score: 53940^  – Simple
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Pitch Glory
Bottom: Cool Summer (✪)
Coat: Cardigan
Socks: Bunny Knee Socks
Shoes: Devil Lady Walk
Bag: Verdant/Record Bag
Headwear: Flower&Butterfly
Earring: Green Pearls
Necklace: Pitch UEFA (Alt: Bowknot)
Face: –
Bracelet: Industrial Fantasy/Silver Bracelet
Ring: Black Gentleman
Waist: –
Effects: Pitch Star
Others: Summer Dream


Chapter 10 (Gloria Palace)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 12 (xxx)


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